Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How do I view food?

How do you view food intake within your Christ-centered life?

Do you blame food (Good Food, Bad Food Theory) for your medical condition? Do you view certain foods as an instrument of evil (seriously, many of us do this).


Is food intake a part of your over-all, healthy lifestyle? Do you view food as a series of choices?

  •  I can choose not to eat certain foods and I can choose what I want to include in my diet?
  •  I can demand that food companies provide honest knowledge of their food ingredients, processing and packaging. But, I will not allow this to create negative stress in my life.
  • I can learn what foods make me feel good and what foods make me feel bloated and yucky (very fitting word, if you ask me).

Take charge of your choices. Start with daily dialogue with God.

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