Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Experiment with Spring Herbs

Start your "cold food" menu planning now.
What does that mean?
Well, as the warmer months approach, the less we want to heat-up the kitchen by turning on the oven. Using the BBQ is fun and can be done outdoor, but we don't always feel like doing it everyday.

Now is the time to start planning fresh salads that incorporate spring herbs such as chives. Chives and green onion  are cheap, easy to grow (if you want), full of flavor, and can replace onions in many recipes.

Try a few strips of green onion in place of that slice of onion on your hamburger.
Chop-up some chives and sprinkle on that hot dog.

Snip some mint and use in that iced tea.
Place a few mint leaves on your chocolate ice cream.

Find out about ways to purchase quality produce:
With consistent talk about food recalls, preservatives, artificial ingredients, BPA, and food borne illness, more and more people are asking, "so what's this Sustainable Foods diet all about? " At the same time we're hearing terms like, "Community-Supported", "organic" and "green." Plus, you've heard the push for buying local or growing your own fruits and vegetables. 
But, you don't have the time or motivation to grow your own food. That's okay, having choices to fit yourlifestyle is good.
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