Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Make June a month of new habits

In the spirit of sun and beach....make June a month of healthy habits.

  • Reduce clutter
  • Take a walk more often
  • better:

  1. Instead of soda pop, try iced tea or water with lemon.
  2. Fill the plate with more fresh vegetables and fruits and less breads and mayo-type salads.
  3. Try something new. Instead of racing through the grocery store and picking-up what you would normally buy, take your time to explore sections of the store that you're not use to going to.
  4. Don't skip the burgers, enhance them: Italian burgers: onion, fresh basil leaves and parmesan. 
                                                                    Mexican burgers: avocado, fresh cilantro and mild peppers.

Get creative. Come-up with your own tasty, low cal beverages using seltzer water and citrus. Think outside the box.

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